DESTINATION MARKETINGDestinations need to differentiate their products……

Blue Connects is focused on driving initiatives that meet the growth objectives through tourism for a country. We possess a diverse range of experience in strategic planning and marketing strategy for destination awareness in the Middle East. We show a keen aptitude for identifying and expanding new business potential resulting in significant revenue growth. The team is fluent in English, French and Arabic

Destination marketing must lead to the optimization of tourism impacts and the achievement of the strategic objectives for all stakeholders. Taking advantage of new technologies and the internet also enables destinations to enhance their competitiveness by increasing their visibility and enhancing local cooperation.

We offer this expertise……

We firmly believe that Destination marketing is an integral part of developing and retaining a particular location’s popularity. The management process through which we work is to identify selected partners in the Travel Industry, actual and potential, communicate with them to ascertain and influence their wishes, needs, motivations, on local, regional, national and international levels, and to formulate and adapt a tourist products accordingly in view of achieving optimal tourist satisfaction thereby fulfilling their objectives.

To work in active partnership with Tourism boards by implementing the strategy and vision of the country in the Middle East.